The snowmobiles need to come out of hibernation, as soon as winter sets in and put to use. Before you take it on a thrilling spin, check every part function well. For general maintenance and repair refer to the manufacturer’s manual.

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Perform visual inspection

Visual inspection needs to be conducted in a well-lit area. Check every part to ensure nothing is loose. Common parts that reveal wear & tear include idler wheels and belts. If the model is old then look for buckling, cracking and stress. Lubricate parts listed in the operating manual using a grease gun. Avoid using excessive grease!

Check the fluids

The main fluids include brake and gas, which needs to be checked as soon as you remove the snowmobile from storage. Don’t forget the coolant. If gas was left in the tank during storage, drain it before you add fresh gas. It may have got deteriorated and using it can impact the performance potential. Top low-level brake fluid and add fresh coolant.

Evaluate main engine status

As the snowmobile has been stowed away for months dirty carburetors may cause engine failure. Therefore, clean carburetor with a special cleaner. Check oil cable, water pump belt, fan, and throttle for damages. Cracks in these can be liable for disaster, so never ignore checking before first use in the winter season.

Examine the skis

Skis are a crucial aspect of snowmobile, so it needs to be in good working condition. It can turn into a dangerous or expensive endeavor and you won’t be able to go anywhere. Check for holes on steel skis and cuts or gouges on plastic skis. The runner has to be straight a little bent will need a repair. Use a vice to straighten the runners.

Clean the snowmobile

Wash the leaves, dirt, salt, or other debris accumulated on the snowmobile. A hose can be used to clean it easily. For deep clean take the snowmobile to the local car wash. Upholstery cleaner is used to clean the seats. Check for clothes or plugs used to block air intake & exhaust apertures.

For snowmobile storage, the above steps are taken but in reverse. Continuous maintenance slows its aging and offers many years of adventures full of fun!

Zoey Lucas